Introducing English forums!


تکنیکی معاون
[eng:bbeb2026ca]Dear friends,

AssalamOAlaikum. We can be proud of the popularity that the Mehfil forum is enjoying, being the first complete Unicode Urdu forum on the net. We are now introducing forums where you will be able to converse in English. We are starting off experimentally with this forum and we will keep on adding other English forums.

The style used in this forum is a modified version of the subSilver foru and I will try to replace as much Urdu captions in this style with English ones possible.

Please use these forums exclusively for posting in English. I will delete any post in roman Urdu.

Have fun,



[eng:e7abba1b0a]Good job, Nabeel.

These changes are also not committed to the repository.

Also, the regular text in these English forums will still be in Urdu, correct?[/eng:e7abba1b0a]


تکنیکی معاون
[eng:1c222086b3]Well, the forum messages will stay in Urdu until I replace these with English texts. Since the board language is Urdu, I will have to put these Englsih texts directly into the subEnglish template files.[/eng:1c222086b3]


[eng:a0604d617d]Looking so so strange on mehfil.About half english and all other in urdu i think the default english interface must be applied here. Although it may be difficult for the admins but our work is to give suggestion :D .[/eng:a0604d617d]

الف عین

[eng:dc347a9d50]Well done Nabeel. the first thing I noticed was the logo on the left. But here in the post box, Urdu has remained. Sidebars of course cannot be changed for this subforum but can we change this mode here?[/eng:dc347a9d50]


تکنیکی معاون
[eng:b48ca5df85]As we have already discussed, it is possible to set a forum template different from the default one but there is no possibility to set a different forum language. Thus the English forums are using the subEnglsih template but the language setting remains the same. I have thought of a workaround for that. I have mentioned above that the English texts will have to be hacked directly into the subEnglish text files. This is a time consuming task and I will be doing it in pieces.[/eng:b48ca5df85]
[eng:b4ef806e01]Great work.

Well i think other than sharing information in english we should use this english forum to attract people who have any kind of interest in urdu. We should also use roman urdu here so that urdu is promoted as well.

One noticeable difference here is that you cant write urdu here :) . I want to discuss few ideas here regarding english subforums

English to Urdu and Urdu to English Translations
English Language Learning
Science and Technology
Computer Science Tutorials
Philosophy and History
Best Posts (Posts from above sub forums)

We should also try to do translation on our own so that we can transfer some of the knowledge from english to urdu.[/eng:b4ef806e01]


Well Done Nabeel

[eng:c096889abe]AOA and Congratulations to you .

It 's a pleasant surprise to Have this forum in English,

Yes it is an immense need to have Forums in English, so those who can not read or write Urdu should also join us and share their knowledge,Many can only read and not able to write Urdu, which is a lost .

My thoughts about "Roman English" are negative, I can not tolerate It, but this is just my personal view,
I would very much like to know more about other members opinion.

I pray that the efforts of people who are running this Forum, get a great result as soon as possible
I hope you achieve the goals you want .[/eng:c096889abe]
[eng:1986bc241e]Its true that we should discourage roman urdu and promote urdu in its original script i.e. persian or arabic but one important question is if we want to bring people towards urdu then roman urdu can be best bridge between english and urdu. Writing urdu in english script and using many english words make it quite easier for anybody who can understand and speak urdu but cannot write or read urdu in urdu script.

Ab tak yeh forum khaasa soona soona para hai aur issay abaad karna paray ga kisi tarha :D[/eng:1986bc241e]


[eng:c229454c3e]Nice to see english in the Mehfil. It's a bit strange to write partial english in the forum, (by partial i mean that our names, profile info.. signature etc will remain in Urdu). But its a good effort by the admin to introduce different languages in the same forum.
English can be a lot of help for members who cant type in urdu or using old operating systems at work place and can't upgrade new fonts or downlaod fonts to support urdu script.
Well wishes for Urduweb Mehfil[/eng:c229454c3e]


تکنیکی معاون
[eng:d96e074162]I am back from Berlin now. I just arrived home after more than five hours of driving. I will be paying attention to the style used in this English forum as soon as I recover from the fatigue.

As far as roman Urdu is concerned, I consider this a form of Urdu and this should be posted only in the Urdu section.[/eng:d96e074162]


[eng:4e4fea5523]though Roman Urdu is much faster to write then urdu script in the forum or online chats.. but in the case of urduweb Mehfil we must adhere to urdu script and avoid writing Roman Urdu.[/eng:4e4fea5523]

sajjad hyder


i am very thankful to you people. i also have to face a lot of difficulties while writting in Urdu. i feel much easier to write in English. i am very happy here:dancing::dancing:

sajjad hyder

2nd goal

:rolleyes:sir primary goal you have explained but what is your secondry goal. make it clear it will help me to understand more. and i think proper words r requierd to express the feeling in right way. language iz nothing if it fails to expresss the feelings?