2. For Editing
Ctrl+Space To switch between english and urdu mode
Back Space To Delete previous charactor
Ctrl+ Back Space To Delete Previous word
Delete To delete next word
Ctrl+Delete To delete next charactor
Ctrl+x To cut selected text
Ctrl+c To copy selected text
Ctrl+v To paste text
Ctrl+ Z , Alt + Back space To undo last action
Ctrl+a To select all text
Ctrl+f To find text
Ctrl+r To replace text​
3. For formatting
Ctrl+b To bold the selected text
Ctrl+i To italic the selected text
Ctrl+Alt+l To align text left side
Ctrl+Alt+r To align text right side
Ctrl+Alt+j To align text from both sides
Ctrl+Alt+f To force align from both sides
Ctrl+Alt+t To switch between text and tab mode
Ctrl+t To make style sheets
Ctrl+h To open dialog box of cheractor
Ctrl+g To open dialog box of paragraph
Ctrl+F5 To increase space between selected text
Ctrl+F6 To decrease space between selected text
Ctrl+F7 To move upward baseline of selected text
Ctrl+F8 To move downward baseline of selected text
Ctrl+F9 To decrease font size of selected text
Ctrl+F10 To increase font text of selected text

4. For Page Movement
Page Up To go one screen upward
Page Down To go down one screen
Ctrl+Page Up To go one screen left
Ctrl+Page Down To go one screen right
Shift+Page Up To move screen up one line
Ctrl+Shift+Page Up To move screen left one line
Ctrl+Shift+Page Down To move screen left one line​
5. For Page Change
`Alt +Page Up To go to previous of text
Alt+Page Down To go to next pageof text
Alt+Home To go the first page of the text
Alt+End To go the last page of the text
Alt+Enter To switch between master page and document​
7. For Editing of Objects
Ctrl+a To select all objects
Shift+ Mouse Click To select or deselect objects
Delete `To delete Selected objects
Ctrl+x To cut selected objects
Ctrl+c To copy selected objects
Ctrl+v To paste objects
Ctrl+z To undo last action
Arrow Keys To move selected Objects
Ctrl+Arrow Keys To move selected objects slowley​
8. To Change Picture
Arrow Keys To move picture
Ctrl+Arrow Keys To move selected objetcs to least distance
Delete To delete selected objects
Ctrl+x To cut the selected objects
`Ctrl +c To copy selected objects
Ctrl+v To paste selected Objects​
10. For File Releated
Ctrl+n For new document
Ctrl+o To open document
Ctrl+s To save document
Ctrl+Alt+s To save as open document
Ctrl+p To print Document
Ctrl+Alt+p To open dialog box of pint setup
Ctrl+F4 To close document
Alt+F4 To quit application after closing document
Ctrl+y To import text or picture
Ctrl+Alt+y To export text or picture
Double click on pictutre box To import picture​
11. For Tools Selection
Shift+F2 To select textbox tool
Shift+F3 To select title text boox tool
Shift+F4 To select link text box tool
Shift+F5 To select picture box tool
Shift+F6 To select round picture box tool
Shift+F7 To select curved picture box tool
Shift+F9 To select graphics box tool
Shift+F10 To select round graphics box tool
Shift+F11 To select round edges graphics box tool
Shift+F12 To select line tool​