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  1. جاسمن

    (Poem)!Farewell, O Cold World

    Farewell, O Cold World! By Muhammad Morrow is nigh, but dim my eyes, though road ahead before me lies. Farewell, friends! Now comes my call. The hour is ripe to enter God’s hall. The world is cold and hearts are gray; beyond the sunset is my way. My thoughts are quiet, the wind is free; I hear...
  2. صابرہ امین

    To Succeed

    Here comes my first ever poem in English that I scribbled down while talking to my son about taking part in a poetry writing competition. I hope you relish it as much as I do. Success in life has no definite rule. Something that works out for someone may prove to be a disaster for someone...
  3. صابرہ امین

    Rules of Life

    Dear Mehfileens Success in life requires clear-cut rules to follow. Without definite objectives, one may get lost on his way to his destination...
  4. صابرہ امین

    Betrayal، Survival And Phoenix in Apocalypse

    Dear Mehfileen Betrayal in any form is considered an unbearable pain. However, a moment comes when you learn to cope with this agony and find yourself much more powerful than ever. 1 Your betrayal was like an apocalypse, Which wrote for me a horrible script, And printed everlasting...
  5. صابرہ امین

    ٌٌLove Deal

    Dear Mehfileen(I have really failed to understand why I invite them:ROFLMAO::LOL::p) Apart from emotions, love involves commitments to certain conditions. Farhad had to dig a milk canal for love. Not everybody wants it. There may be higher demands than that. Let's see what they could possibly...
  6. صابرہ امین


    Dear Mehfileen We pray to communicate with God. Prayers strengthen our faith and help us be strong when tides are high and times are tough. They turn the tides and open the doors to ultimate happiness...
  7. صابرہ امین

    Little Things

    Dear Mehfileen Hope you are well aware of the importance of little things in your life. Just in case you have forgotten here is a reminder in the form of a poem for you . Hope it does do...
  8. صابرہ امین

    ُُParched in the Rain

    Dear Mehfileen Here comes another poem for you to enjoy.... Hope you like it https://www.urduweb.org/mehfil/threads/صابرہ-امین-کی-انگریزی-نظمیں.116977/ https://www.urduweb.org/mehfil/threads/صابرہ-امین-کی-انگریزی-نظموں-پر-تبصرہ-جات.116916/page-11
  9. صابرہ امین

    سولھویں سالگرہ صابرہ امین کی انگریزی نظمیں

    Dear Mehfileen :) Another poem for those who are interested in English poetry برائے تبصرہ: سولھویں سالگرہ - صابرہ امین کی انگریزی نظموں پر تبصرہ جات
  10. سید عمران

    سولھویں سالگرہ صابرہ امین کی انگریزی نظموں پر تبصرہ جات

    سولھویں سالگرہ - صابرہ امین کی انگریزی نظمیں A female Demon is also wandering here and there. :nailbiting::nailbiting::nailbiting:
  11. صابرہ امین

    Don’t forget manners matter

    Dear Mehfileen On the accasion of the sixteenth anniversary of Urdu Mehfil, I would like to share a few of my poems for those who are passionate for English poetry. Hope you enjoy them! https://www.urduweb.org/mehfil/threads/صابرہ-امین-کی-انگریزی-نظمیں.116977/...