WIFI Password Jokes


Joked Copied from a thread in Quora named "What’s the best Wi-Fi name you’ve seen"

When i went to a coffee shop (caffe bean) there i got a network notification (wifi) named PLEASE ORDER UR COFFEE..

LATER when i went to counter and asked them password of wifi.. They said AVAILABLE ON UR TABLE…

Then i went to my table and checked it thoroughly once… twice… thrice.. Even i checked under the table.. But i haven't found.. Then again i went to counter… they said the same again… i said i cant found the password on my table…

Then one guy took my phone and typed AVAILABLE ON UR TABLE. I just stood stunned for few moments…​

That akward moment… its so sillyyy​



I was just visiting a cousin of mine in another city and as we all need internet to pass time now a days so i started looking for some wifi networks but i did not find any open network but found out that there was a wifi network named ‘ Investigation lab yls’ , i clearly knew it was fake name of a wifi , as it was residential area and there was no lab nearby .

After some time i asked my cousin about that network and he said that it was his wifi named ‘investigation lab yls’ i didn’t ask him any further question just the wifi password and he said, give me some money but i didn’t give him any money so he went outside , later i asked my aunt about the password and she also said give me some money . I was kind of frustrated by now and was thinking , how miser my relatives are ?

Later that evening my aunt told me that she wasn’t asking for money but the wifi password was - ‘GIVEMESOMEMONEY’ . I was startled by that . My cousin told me that he got this idea of wifi password by watching some online comedy video .

But that day comedy was done on me .

Never went there again