Use of smartphones in education

fatimakhan نے 'General Discussion' کی ذیل میں اس موضوع کا آغاز کیا، ‏جولائی 28, 2020

  1. fatimakhan

    fatimakhan محفلین

    ?What role play smartphones in online education for students
  2. زین علی شاہ زیب

    زین علی شاہ زیب محفلین

    The smartphones are compelling learning tools especially in these uncertain times. The smartphone devices are used to improve teaching and learning in relation to distance education. The use of smartphone ensures students to interact digitally and access online learning platforms.
  3. kainatmalik

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    The smartphone is a very important tool. It helps us to contact with long distances in any corner of the world. Likewise, it can also help us in online education. The students who face difficulty with the study material in final exams or any other issue. They take help with smartphones and find website
    .It is an online educational website and very helpful site for students

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