Joomla Urdu

کشمیریا نے 'جملہ (Joomla) کا اردو ترجمہ' کی ذیل میں اس موضوع کا آغاز کیا، ‏نومبر 2, 2006

  1. کشمیریا

    کشمیریا محفلین

    Well done!
    I am working with Joomla in last two year and I have really fun to play with.
    I download Urdu Joomla from and I make Joomla Urdu website
    I want to convert this text later to Kashmiri/Pahari and other Kashmiri Languages.
    Keep in touch to go forward with Joomla Revolution
    First time, I got Urdu text on webpage as a Nastaleeq but the problem is the line distance or gap. All Lines are missing up.
    Its long way to go but we have started now.
    I got almost every single plug-in and template for Joomla. Commercial or non commercial
    Please give comments on my little work on website.
    /Rebel Kashmiria
  2. دوست

    دوست محفلین

    اچھی کاوش ہے۔ اگرچہ ابھی مجھےتاہوما میں ہی نظر آرہا ہے سب کچھ۔
    باقی آراء بعد میں دیتا ہوں۔اردو کی سپورٹ‌ نصب کرکے۔

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