Asad Shamim has demanded to investigate the fundraising in the UK for the construction of Dams

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    Asad Shamim, a Pakistani born Businessman and CEO of Insaaf4u as well as Furniture in Fashion has asked Prime Minister Imran Khan and the Supreme Court of Pakistan to follow up the construction of the Diamer -Bhasha Dam and Mohmand Dam in Pakistan.

    Asad Shamim, founder of Insaaf 4U, has said that fundraising for the construction of the Daimer- Bhasha Dam and Mohmand Dam was held at the Sheridan Suite in Manchester on 23 November 2018, as well as in Birmingham and London.

    The event was organised and held by a close associate of Prime Minister Imran khan amongst other individuals who are now also part of the current Pakistani Government

    Asad Shamim states that these individuals had organised an event in which the then Chief Justice Mr Saqib Nisar was especially invited as chief guest to the event.

    It was announced and claimed by the organisers that they had raised 2.1 million pounds in Manchester, whereby only £700,000 was collected. In addition, just over 12 months have passed since the event and no money has been sent to Pakistan for the Dams project.

    He has further questioned why there is a shortfall of 1.4 million pounds and questions the credibility of individuals who promised to make pledges and despite them making these pledges, these have not yet been fulfilled. Mr Shamim states that he is of the opinion that these false pledges have been made to gain and attract publicity for several individuals which defeats the purpose of the event.

    Asad Shamim has raised the question as to why the money that has been raised for the dam has not been given to the relevant authorities for this purpose. He further states that this is a severe injustice to those individuals who have contributed specifically to the cause of the dams as they are entitled to know where their funds are. He strongly believes that these individuals should be given the option of having their monies returned to them.

    Asad Shamim also added that this is not the first-time pledges have made without the donation being forthcoming. Individuals who collect money for such causes should be vetted vigorously and there could be a strong tendency for them to divert the funds elsewhere.

    He clarified that Insaaf 4U is an organisation that will not tolerate such dishonesty and injustice to sincere people in Pakistan. He further commented that such behaviour will be strongly refuted to ensure that justice is carried out.
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