Ah feel at home at last.


[eng:b6b5568db9]Do not take me wrong, I am not expert in English, but after using it to communicate for 30 years ( My mother tongue is Urdu), it is easier for me to say in English what I want to say, even it may be grammatically wrong. There are words for every thing you do or see from morning to bedtime. Even when English borrow words, it get modified afterward to a simple English words.

Ah Urdu, It is not that I have not read and written extensively in Urdu. There are novels, short stories, poetry and articles to attest the fact. Problem is spoken Urdu has not progress on its own. The other day I was trying to create a dictionary of profession in Arabic and thinking I am on a Urdu site, I used Urdu as a language to translate word[/eng:b6b5568db9] الفلكي, عالم الفلك ,astronomer. [eng:b6b5568db9]This became a major task, look what I came across [/eng:b6b5568db9]ہیئت دان ۔ رصاد ۔ سدھانتی ۔ کھگول جاننے والا . [eng:b6b5568db9]I do not think any one will understand what I am talking about if I use any of these words. Urdu lack addition of simple new words .

Again I am not saying that literary Urdu lack words, but every day spoken Urdu is no match to other languages.

We badly need a new Baba-e-Urdu in Pakistan. :cry:[/eng:b6b5568db9]
[eng:34df9aa694]Yes, you are right we need revival of urdu and major reforms in it but the way to do it is to use it and suggest improvements. Few translations are difficult and directly borrowed from arabic and persian.

Your posts regarding ilm-ul-urooz are superb, keep up.[/eng:34df9aa694]


موت کا ایک دن مقرر ہے۔


I completely agree. You are abosolutely right. but موت کا ایک دن مقرر ہے۔
There are so much need to be done in this world and one can only do so much. Every one has its share to do. I teach people basic skills and you promote language. By the way check my arabic lessons. :p . If you like my posting for ilm-ul-urooz you would love my Arabic lessons and posting [/eng:fb17f88c5c]

آج کا نیا لفظ

[eng:9dd0c43035]Tafseer, i would definitely go through your arabic lessons. I know they would be a treat to read. I like to thank you again for your wonderful work and i am sure that many guests and members are enjoying your posts. This is nothing less than a great asset, future generations will really find it beneficial :) .

Waise kuch baatein wahan par bhi na ho jaayein :lol:[/eng:9dd0c43035]